Marcus and Daniel have been inseparable throughout their adolescence.  When Daniel is no longer there to provide his customary encouragement and support, Marcus goes through a series of personal crises, the sum of which cause him to experience an emotional breakdown.  Running away from all of the heartache in his life, Marcus sets out on a cross-country journey of self discovery, following in the footsteps of his personal hero, Neal Cassady.  It’s 1967, and the Hippies of Haight Ashbury have replaced the Beatniks of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’.  Hoping to find himself, Marcus instead loses himself in the fast-paced world of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll during the Summer of Love.

This coming of age story, set in the Sixties, offers an updated Hippie era parallel to Jack Kerouac’s anthem of the Beat generation.

About the Author:

     Glen Rothe has written numerous short stories, and has been primarily published in that genre. 

     Prior to settling into a successful business career, Glen had the unique experience of living in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. 

     Glen is  the recipient of the prestigious ‘Weber Award’, won as a freshman in high school.  The award, presented by Martin Weber, D.D.S, consisted of a dollar and a toothbrush, and was for excellence in short story writing.

     Glen's first book, published in early 2014, is his novel Hashbury, which is based, in part, on his own experiences living in Haight Ashbury. 

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